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Why The World Is Becoming More Allergic To Food

You might have some food allergies yourself right now, so food allergies are not foreign to anyone, but have you ever stopped to think why there are so many billions of people with food allergies?

I gradually saw the answer to this question as I grew up and watched so many around me complain of food allergies.

Common food allergies include eggs, milk, strawberries, wheat, even water! Yes, food allergies and of course drink allergies can be very inconvenient and also deadly.

Millions of children and adults alike are admitted to the E.R. each year after suffering anaphylactic shock. And thousands die daily here, just from that.

Now, let me share with you the reason or better said –the cause– behind so many suffering from food allergies.


What do I mean by “contamination” you ask? Just in case you hadn’t noticed by now, the food and drinks you buy at the grocery stores these days are not healthy, at all. Sure, the labels all claim to be healthy and good for you, but it’s all lies, designed to fool you into buying their contaminated food, even though “food” no longer applies.

You see, once you add even a single pesticide, herbicide, growth regulator, chemical fertilizer or anything else not created by nature, that plant becomes contaminated, so what happens to your immune system when you constantly eat and drink that for years and decades? Life-long Allergies!

But is this the foods’ fault? Does food deserve to take the blame for your ‘food allergies’? I don’t think it deserves to be blamed for anything actually. Now that you know the cause of all your ‘food allergies’ is actually not food at all, but contamination, what can you do about it? The answer is quite simple – find food that is not contaminated.

But where?

It was arduous to find soil that was not contaminated and that could grow food that is truly healthy enough to heal all your food allergies and consistently boost your immune system, even doubling it within 90 days! Ready for it?

It’s right here!

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