Why Infertility Is Increasing


Why Infertility Is Increasing – toxic accumulation! The reproductive system is one of the most fragile systems in your body, which means it is easily susceptible to imbalance, even from the slightest toxemia. And this can accumulate throughout your whole life without you realizing it. For example, 99.99% of all land has been under attack by giant toxic chemical companies eager to sell as much of their poison as possible. Many decades ago, they got together and started to systematically convince thousands of farmers that they should spray their crops with insecticide, because insects destroy crops.

But does it make any sense to kill insects with poison that also contaminates the food they grow and then you eat, which creates a serious imbalance in your reproductive system? Of course not! It makes no sense at all. But contaminated food and drinks are not the only big culprits.

Also, Big Pharma spews out billions of pills to hundreds of millions here and billions of people more all over the world, which also damage your reproductive system. And let’s not forget the vitamin and supplement industry that is mostly owned by Big Pharma, either directly or indirectly.

Did you know a single supplement label can contain at least 5 toxic chemicals? these are usually listed under the supplement facts panel in the small “other ingredients” section.

I’m not saying all vitamins and supplements don’t help, some are healthy enough I think, but if you were to agree that results speak louder than words, wouldn’t taking something for years that’s supposed to prevent the chronic illness you are taking them for, didn’t prevent anything, wouldn’t you conclude those products don’t work?

And the contamination does not end there. Another cause of infertility is “the pill”.

Birth Control Pills

Did you know the long-term side-effect of staying on the pill for years is infertility? Many women stay on the pills for many years, then when they want to start a family, realize they have become infertile or at least very hard to conceive.

So, what’s my point?

The Main Cause Of Infertility Is Contamination

It’s not rocket science, in fact, you don’t even need a degree in anything to know what contamination means and what it does to your body. You’ve heard of rat poison, right? Well, the average person here can easily consume 50 pounds of pesticides, herbicides growth regulators, fillers, preservatives, additives, HFCS and a slew of other toxic ingredients every single year of their life!

And when you combine all these poisons together, they are far more dangerous than only rat poison.

Especially if they juice raw fruit or vegetables that are raised with pesticides and/or GMOs, then you can basically guarantee “infertility” will be the least of your worries. All this poison accumulates inside your organs, muscles, nerves, joints and bones, creating more chronic illness than anything else.

Please change what you think is healthy, then and only then will you finally prevent infertility and actually restore very healthy functions in your body you had lost. It feels so good to wake up without pain, without inflammation, without headaches or migraines, without joint pain, without any gut issues and so many more benefits you can expect. Your first step towards truly healthy fertility starts with these..

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