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Why Are There So Many Digestive Disorders?


Everyone accepts indigestion, and even heart burn, as a part of life, but why are there now millions and probably billions more around the world suffering from digestive disorders?

It’s not as if digestive disorders are a virus that can be spread from one person to another – that would be ridiculous!

So why then?

I’ll tell you exactly why. Most of our food and water is contaminated. Yes, there is very little food grown in soil that is truly healthy enough to heal and repair damaged organs and damaged cells, so everyone is left to buy what they think is healthy from their local health food store and then hope for the best.

Food, water and air are what every human and every other organism on earth requires to stay alive. If just one of these vital sources of life is contaminated, then our body suffers and it’s always our gut that receives the blunt of everything we eat, drink, swallow or inject.

If you look at the diets of most everyone around you, it’s often full of some of the most contaminated and most processed edibles man has ever created. But none of those edibles are actually food! They are designed to just look like food, feel like food, smell like food and of course taste like food, but none of that real food.

What Is Real Food?

I’m so glad you asked this, because I’ve been eager to tell you. Real food is food that has not been contaminated by anything or anyone. This means of course 100% pesticide-free, 100% GMO-free, is not cooked or processed in any way and is definitely not sold on any store shelf. These criteria make up the foundation of what real food is.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single store, market or health food store that sells food that meets these criteria. Sure, buying raw, certified organic vegetables comes a lot closer to meeting the real food criteria, but still not 100%.

How do I know? Because I have met individuals who have told me they eat organic every day and some symptoms have disappeared, but not all symptoms, because well, certified organic sold at stores does not mean 100% organic, it means 95% organic, but of course certified organic is still much healthier than conventional food that’s is completely contaminated.

And There Is Another Cause Of Digestive Disorders That You’ll Probably Never Hear Anyone Else Mention

Food combinations. For example, did you know if you eat vegetables and fruits together or even close together, you cause indigestion and decrease the nutrient absorption of both? Just like if you were to eat meat with dairy, you will cause serious indigestion, heart burn, bloating and constipation.


Also, pills, capsules and tablets contribute greatly to indigestion and if continued, will surely lead to serious gut issues.

‘Health Professionals’ do not talk about this, because they are too busy ‘treating’ you and making money off your digestive disorders. They know pills cannot treat anything in your body, only keep your gut in turmoil.

Society believes pills are the answer and pills will someday cure you of everything inconvenient in your life and health propaganda feeds this lie to you and your whole family, until no one knows how to actually heal and repair their own injured gut.

Yes, I said “injured gut”, because that’s basically the cause of all digestive disorders – injury! Just like the cause of heart disease is of course an injured heart, the cause of asthma or emphysema is injured lungs and the cause of liver disease is an injured liver, of course the cause of any digestive disorder is an injured gut.

What Can I Do About It Then?

Nothing, if you keep following everyone else. But if you stop following everyone else, then there is a lot you can do. You can start by finding real food and eat that as much as possible, so your injured gut can finally start healing and repairing itself until you have fully recovered.

How long does that take you ask? The answer depends on how many junk food addictions and how many pill addictions you presently have. Obviously someone with more addictions will take longer than someone with less addictions.

Addiction is a gigantic problem these days and the media is constantly covering addiction, but there isn’t much mention of junk food addiction, junk drink addiction or prescription pill addictions, because most everyone has one to several of them. But you can start small and then work up to becoming 100% junk food-free and 100% pill-free!

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