What Is Toxemia – the secret cause of miscarriage


According to the current definition of “toxemia” online, “toxemia is a serious medical condition that usually affects women after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Also known as preeclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH), toxemia is characterized by the sudden elevated blood pressure and the presence of excess protein in the urine. If toxemia is left undiagnosed and untreated, the continuous increase in blood pressure can lead to deadly complications for both mother and baby.

In fact, toxemia and other diseases associated with high blood pressure are the leading causes of maternal and infant mortality worldwide.” And of course this online definition goes on to claim that at present, there are no known causes that trigger toxemia.

So no one in the medical community can figure out what could contaminate or poison the womb? Really? How about drugs, alcohol, injections, candy, soda, eating out, fast-food, junk-food, caffeine, toxic soaps and toothpaste, eating or drinking out of plastic, synthetic or artificial nutrition and all the toxic excipients added to all prenatal vitamin products out there, just to name some sources of toxemia.

You see, toxemia does not just suddenly appear out of nowhere with no cause in sight. You must first start accumulating these toxic substances consistently or even inconsistently. Do you know why doctors now say that even years after you stopped smoking, you’re still at risk for heart disease or stroke? Because they know toxic accumulation does not vanish, just because you stopped, instead it remains inside your organs, nerves, joints, bones and muscle tissue, creating a toxic environment for the rest of your life, if you do nothing about it.

There are couples who try to conceive after one or both lived on the typical American diet, full of processed foods, processed drinks and lots of pills. You could even go through life without ever feeling sick, not even a single cold or allergy, and still have toxemia.

And the only reason why you never felt the symptoms of toxemia before conceiving is because pregnancy is the great revealer!

What does the “great revealer” mean? It means, pregnancy stirs up all the toxic accumulation that had settled inside your reproductive organs, revealing symptoms that had been dormant. Many moms have no choice but to endure a sick pregnancy and pray their baby comes out unharmed, which most of the time they do come out harmed, even severely damaged.

You have heard of the rising percentage of preemies born each year here? about 10% of all babies born in hospitals are now born premature, why? because they are desperate to come out! Would you want to live inside a toxic uterus for 9 months? I surely wouldn’t. So the mother’s womb’s defense mechanism is triggered, aborting the fetus prematurely in an effort to actually protect the fetus. You probably will never hear a pediatrician explain this to you, so I will.

In other words, toxemia triggers premature delivery and in many cases also causes miscarriage. Toxemia is the enemy here and nothing else.

To avoid toxemia, you need to avoid anything that causes toxic accumulation.

I realize everyone and their grandma has an opinion about how to have a healthy pregnancy and how to deliver a healthy baby, but one fact remains constant – if you do not stop swallowing pills, stop injecting or stop eating and drinking anything unhealthy, then you risk developing toxemia.

But let’s say that you are one of the few that realized how unhealthy you have become and then stopped most or even all junk-food, fast-food, candy, soda, caffeine, pills of all kinds and then started eating only raw, organic vegetables for every meal of the day. Would this start to clean out the years, decades of toxic accumulation? Absolutely. But it would take several years of you eating and drinking only 100% organic, raw food and drinks every day of your life. Can you do this? Most wouldn’t know where to begin.

That means you cannot eat out, cannot grab that bag of chips, cookies, ice cream, donuts, coffee or drink any alcohol, anything surgery, nor any pills for anything. Have you ever met anyone that has done this? Personally, I have only met a few in my life that went all in doing this, the rest? Did some of that, but eventually went back to their old unhealthy eating and drinking habits.

I’m sure you know this type of lifestyle is almost impossible for anyone to do, especially with society putting so much pressure on you to conform to how they eat and drink or risk being an outcast. It’s not easy to eat truly clean like this every day, all day, and keep all your friends, too.

For this reason, we created the healthiest Fertility Booster and Testosterone Booster on earth! You can save time, save money, and not risk becoming an outcast, because you do not eat or drink what everyone else around you eats and drinks. You can mix for breakfast, put in your thermos and sip on it all morning until lunch time or just mix it for your lunch, without anyone knowing.

Your results will speak louder than any words anyway. People will see how healthy and vibrant you look and be stunned at how radiant, too. A healthy pregnancy means you will surely deliver a healthy baby and a healthy baby means a healthy childhood and a healthy childhood means a healthy adulthood.

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