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What Is A Good Testosterone Booster


There are a bunch of Testosterone Boosters online and they all claim to help boost your testosterone, but how exactly does that happen? When you look at the ingredients, there does not seem to be a single truly healthy ingredient to be found and certainly none that can boost anything, let alone your testosterone.

The truth is that your hormones, including testosterone, all react to new substances in your blood stream, so you could suck on candy, eat ice cream, even eat sushi throughout the day and watch your hormone levels fluctuate up and down.

Does this mean your testosterone received a boost? Of course not. It just means your hormones are reacting to whatever is in your blood stream at that particular moment of the day.

So What Is A Good Testosterone Booster?

1. Every ingredient must be a whole food. The reason why this must be a criteria is because hormones are extremely sensitive to anything synthetic, artificial and even food that is processed or cooked in any way, so these ingredients will become nothing more than a placebo ingredient.

This means those ‘Testosterone Booster’ labels with their slew of artificial ingredients listed and then some completely processed/cooked herbs thrown in to make it look “all natural”, does absolutely nothing to boost your testosterone or any hormone, besides force them to fluctuate up and down of course, which again, isn’t a boost at all.

2. Every whole food ingredient must be raw. Why raw? Because again, anything synthetic, artificial or even cooked, will not boost anything, only disrupt. Raw is assimilated immediately by every cell in your body, therefore you can experience a true “testosterone boost” the way you should, at a cellular level.

3. Each whole food ingredient must be pesticide-free, GMO-free and of course contaminant-free. Why? Because even if every ingredient was only whole food and every ingredient was in fact raw, if any of the food ingredients were contaminated in any way, then you would be eating contaminated or tainted food, which again would create a disruption to your hormones and not the Testosterone Boost you desire.

The reason why so many here do not believe Testosterone Boosters work is because they all lack one or all of these criteria, so of course they don’t work.

Store shelves all across the world are full of artificial products, especially here in the USA where the corruption that drives these tainted, artificial products are controlled by the very same entities you would never want to associate with, because you know how greedy and corrupt they are.

Unfortunately, they continue to work behind the scenes, controlling all the big brands and saturating the industry with nothing but artificial hype that can never provide your body any real boost, only disruption.

So, is there a truly healthy Testosterone Booster that can provide you a real boost to your Testosterone and is healthy enough to continue long-term? YES! There is only one online though and it is apply named, The Only Organic Testosterone Booster with Estrogen Blocker.

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