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The Quiet Cause Of Postpartum Depression No One Talks About

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The quiet cause of postpartum depression is always quiet, because most people will only repeat that no one knows the real cause, therefore the cause remains quiet.

But I know the cause, because I experienced it after each miscarriage, too. I know, when you think of postpartum depression, you also think of giving birth, but postpartum depression can occur after a miscarriage and of course even delivering a stillborn baby, too.

So, now that we know postpartum depression can occur after any of those events and I’m sure even more events in life, let’s next focus on the quiet cause..

Pregnancy Stirs Toxemia

Have you heard of “toxemia” before? “Toxemia” usually describes a sick pregnancy, which occurs way too often these days. Once pharmaceuticals came on the scene some 100+ years ago, the health of pregnancies started to decline. Toxemia still lingers after birth, so depression is really just a symptom of toxemia.

Why Does Pregnancy Stir Toxemia?

Because pregnancy is the great revealer. Pregnancy reveals any toxic accumulation you already had. For example, if your pancreas was already a little tired, then pregnancy will exacerbate that weakness by stirring up the toxic accumulation in your cells, which causes toxemia, then pumps those toxins through your pancreas faster than before, thereby causing temporary diabetes, aka gestational diabetes. Again, this is just one example.

What other symptoms can you expect during pregnancy? If you didn’t have a particularly healthy lifestyle before you conceived, then you can expect a slew of symptoms, ranging from acne, headaches, joint pain and inflammation and of course gestational diabetes to a lot more serious symptoms. And guess who else must endure all these symptoms…yes, your child.

Unfortunately, when you go to a fertility doctor or a pediatrician seeking help with your painful symptoms, what do they all prescribe you? Certainly not healthy, cleansing foods, no, they prescribe you drugs that just add to your toxemia and harm your baby more.

This is the very definition of what “vicious cycle” means. You accumulate toxic chemicals throughout your whole life, then when you eventually become sick, you are prescribed more toxic chemicals. And to make this all even more disturbing, the masses fight over what toxic chemicals (drugs) their insurance plan covers!

You Must Clean Out Any Toxemia Yourself

If you do not start cleaning out toxemia before you conceive, then it becomes almost impossible to conceive naturally, no matter what else you do. The cause must be treated first, before you do anything else.

Now, in many cases, if the toxemia inside you did not cause miscarriage and your baby did still survive through delivery, then what’s left inside you is still all the toxemia that was stirred up inside you during pregnancy.

Postpartum Depression Is A Symptom Of This Stirred Up Toxemia Left Behind And Taking Drugs Will Not Clean It Out, Only Add To It!

So that’s why it is vital you start your Hormone Balancer for both prenatal and postnatal nutrition, because this is all that’s left out there that can still clean out the toxemia and provide you and your nursing baby with all the vitally important nutrition you both need and more, without a single artificial ingredient.

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