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The Fast Food Fallacy

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I’ve talked about the dangers of eating fast food and what it does to your health for many years and very few have listened, so now there is more disease than ever before.

Of course it doesn’t help that the fast food corporations spend billions each year on marketing, lobbying and of course truth suppression online.

Out of 1,000 articles and reports about fast food not causing anything, you’ll find maybe a couple articles and reports that do not say that.

The internet has made it very difficult to get the truth to the people who are most desperate for the truth.

Those that need the truth the most are hidden behind lock and key and the only way to reach them is to buy a lot of ads. But if each click costs $1, then to reach just 100,000 people, you need $100,000! This is beyond ridiculous!

You must be a millionaire to have your message reach the masses.

But hey, I’m happy just to reach a few thousand, because if I can help just a few thousand men, women and children, not become slaves to big pharma and help them all finally eat what is healthy enough to prevent disease, then I can retire happy.

And I plan on retiring within the next 10 years.

But back to “The Fast Food Fallacy”.

Fast food has ruined more families than all the wars in the last 100 years. How could I make such a shocking claim? Because I know statistics, I know them well and probably better than most.

It’s my job to know important statistics, otherwise I wouldn’t be an effective Food Scientist.

What Percentage Of Americas Eat Fast Food?
On any given day, 37 percent of American adults will eat something from a fast-food restaurant, according to a new report from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) involving 10,000 people. The number is even higher for younger adults, with 45 percent of those ages 20 to 39 heading to fast-food eateries on a typical day.

How Often Do Americans Eat Out?
More than 75 percent of Americans eat out at least once a week, and a full fourth eat out every two to three days.

How Often Do American Employees Buy Their Lunch?
According to a recent poll, 90% of American employees buy their lunch at least once per week and men buy their lunches the most.

So what does all this mean?

It means 100s of millions of American families eat fast food all the time and some more than once per day! And that’s a lot of fast food!

What does eating all this fast food do to your health?

This is an excellent question for you to ask a Food Scientist not on a fast food payroll, because my response will be based on facts, not based on who pays me.

Every time you eat fast food, you are eating thousands of toxic chemicals and these toxic chemicals are used to make fake meat smell and taste like meat, are used to make lettuce and tomato smell and taste like crisp lettuce and tomato, are used to make a bun smell and taste like a real bun and are used to make mustard and ketchup taste like mustard and ketchup and of course the pickles are not real pickles at all, either.

And fast food is not limited to only your typical fast food places, but also eating a sandwich, chips, cookies, candy, gum or fruit juice from your local supermarket.

You can always buy the organic equivalent of fast food, but that just means you’re eating less of those toxic chemicals and not completely avoiding them. And sure, less poison is better than more poison, but you’re still eating some poison.

Most already know eating fast food is unhealthy, but I have encountered a crazy reality that the snowflake generation seems to believe the most, which puts them the most at risk for serious illness. Ready?

They believe you can exercise all the unhealthy calories away! So that means they eat fast food ‘for energy’ before a hard workout, then on their way home after their hard workout, grab a burger. And they can do this, because most of them believe exercise prevents and even cures disease.

Now, if this were true, there would be a lot less disease obesity, right? But there isn’t less obesity or any less disease for that matter, in fact, each year it is worse, because too many people here are food illiterates.

Hard exercise mixed with fast food raises your blood pressure faster, raises your blood sugar faster and damages your heart faster. It’s much like revving an engine after you poured syrup into the gas tank.

This is what is required to truly prevent chronic illness – you must avoid all toxic chemicals.

That’s why the plants in the Hormone Balancer, the Testosterone Booster and Immunity are all 100% toxic chemical-free! This makes the plants very rare and even endangered.

Every day our land and water is being contaminated more and more, so it is extremely important you and your family start eating these plants immediately, for as long as they are still here.

To learn more how to start cleaning out years, decades of these thousands of toxic chemicals wreaking havoc on your entire body, then please join me for my next free webinar.

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