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The Biggest Diabetes Lie

Insulin Shot

No one likes to be lied to, especially when it comes to your own health, but this is what happened. I’m sorry you were lied to, even though it’s not my fault, but someone has to apologize to you. All the MDs will never apologize to you, Big Pharma certainly won’t and neither will any insurance company.

Why not?

Because if anyone speaks up, they will lose their job. The truth is, you were told one of the worst lies in existence and the millions of people employed by the medical industry must perpetuate this lie, just to keep their jobs. In other words, you are sick because no one can tell you the truth. For the thousands of medical staff last year alone who were fired because they told the truth, most likely you’ll never hear about that, either.

So, what’s this terrible lie?

You were told that once you develop diabetes or any chronic illness for that matter, you can’t cure it ever – until they invent a miracle pill of course. And millions of people around you systematically believe this lie and repeat this lie thousands of times throughout your whole life, which makes it true in your mind. But what if I told you that every pill you swallow and every injection you receive, are all designed to keep you sick and exacerbate your chronic illness.

How can I become drug-free?

First, you need to start eating food healthy enough to balance your insulin and balance your blood sugar. And then as you grow stronger, you can work with your own ‘doctor’ to wean yourself off your drugs, one at a time. This is the safest way to safely become drug-free. I know you can do this, because millions of people have become drug-free already. Just click right here and start your journey back to full recovery.

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