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Prenatal Vitamins Could Be Dangerous


Her name is Bethany and she is 33 years old. She is pregnant with her second child, so this time she was going to make sure she took double the prenatal nutrition as she did during her first pregnancy, because her first child was born with various defects, including a heart defect. Whatever was the minimum requirement for any nutrient, she made sure she found a label that showed twice that, but more the better she thought.

She went to her local supermarket and health food store to search the endless shelves full of every artificial nutrient label she could ever read. She settled on several that she thought would surely create a healthy pregnancy, a healthy birth and of course a healthy baby.

Every day she was up early to mix her ‘prenatal shake’ then swallow her ‘prenatal nutrition’, then she started her exercises for the morning. She did this every single day until delivery day arrived. She and everyone was sure she would deliver a healthy baby girl, but instead her daughter was delivered stillborn.

She and everyone she knew were both shocked and devastated. She said, “I mean, how in God’s name could a mother had done anything more to secure the healthiest pregnancy and deliver the healthiest baby?”. No one could answer that question, especially not Bethany.

When Bethany found us a few months ago, she and her husband were going to try again, but they did not want to spend so much on Fertility Doctors again, nor risk the side-effects, so we suggested a much simpler, much cheaper and much safer way to create a healthy pregnancy and deliver a truly healthy baby.

First, she had to change what she believed was healthy prenatal nutrition. I showed her just a few labels she had bought before that she was absolutely certain was healthy, then when we explained to her what “artificial nutrition” is and what it does to your body, especially while trying to conceive and especially while pregnant, she started to cry and blamed herself for not knowing the simplest fact that could have saved her child’s life.

You see, “artificial prenatal nutrition” is the least talked about cause of anything, let alone unhealthy pregnancies. Everything else is blamed out there instead, from your stress to your environment, both of which you have very little to no control over the health of your reproductive system.

But you most certainly can control what you swallow every day. Here is a sample of a popular ‘prenatal vitamin’ that is chock full of the most artificial nutrition ever created in a laboratory.

artificial nutrition
ALL of these so-called ‘nutrients’ are 100% artificial! Just look at the artificial chemical name for each of these artificial nutrients, for example artificial vitamin C is called “ascorbic acid”, which is fake vitamin C and then you have a slew of others listed, too. No one tells you these are 100% artificial, so what happens when you swallow this artificial nutrition every day? Your body depletes itself of its own real nutrition in a desperate attempt to fill the nutrient gap created by these artificial nutrients, until you are severely malnourished and so is your baby! Plus, let’s be honest, there could never be any plant grown in nature that has anywhere near this much ‘nutrition’ in it, because nature does not need to grow high quantity, only high quality, and only when you know where to find the high quality plants of course, which are not sold in stores. I know this goes against everything you have ever heard and goes against what everyone else around you believes, too, but please hear me; artificial nutrition cannot create the healthy body you have always wanted, nor can it create a healthy pregnancy. I should know, because I did everything anyone told me to do and took everything everyone told me to take, and I almost died because of it.

Are you ready to feed your entire reproductive system real nutrition from the last truly healthy super foods and experience a truly healthy pregnancy and deliver a truly healthy baby?

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  1. Carylon
    March 6, 2020

    Hi Dr Wayne. I really like this topic, because I have had to deal with this a few times already. I hope my last pregnancy will be much healthier than previous.

    • Darren & Jannet
      March 6, 2020

      As long as stay away from the pills Carylon and continue your Hormone Balancer, then you can rest assured your pregnancy will be healthier than most.

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