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Organic Diabetic Meal Replacement

Organic Diabetic Meal Replacement

The history of Diabetes goes back centuries, ever since the first person abused refined sugar. But just in the last 20 years or so, Diabetes has affected billions more around the world, especially here in the U.S., where now over half the entire population is either already Diabetic or Prediabetic.

Now, you ask most anyone today, why are there so many Diabetics these days, and the common answer will be “it’s genetic”. But if it’s genetic, why do Diabetics bother eating healthier? Could it be because these same Diabetics also believe eating healthier prevents Diabetes? It must be very frustrating to have two contradicting perspectives inside the same mind — imagine the fights!

Well, no matter what you believe the cause is, the fact remains, the pancreas has been injured, which is why it cannot produce enough insulin and cannot balance your blood sugar.

From the Homeopathic perspective, chronic illness = chronic injury. Let me say it again, chronic illness = chronic injury. So the real question is, what injured your pancreas?

Artificial Healthcare Of Course

What’s that you ask? I actually invented this title to explain the era we live in today. I call it the age of “Artificial Healthcare”, which has been a scourge on mankind over the last 150 years or so.

“Artificial Healthcare” starts from the moment you were conceived. If your Mom was the typical Mom, she no doubt saw her Pediatrician and received advice how to have a healthy pregnancy, which means she was given the worst advice possible by the last person she should ever ask someone for health advice —and MD. Why? Because they only know drugs, not food.

And then your Mom probably took all the prenatal vitamins she was told to take, which are of course pure artificial chemicals that only weakened her immune system and yours.

Then, if you were one of the very fortunate ones to survive the toxic pregnancy and was delivered without too may issues, your Mom will soon start feeding you artificial baby formula, which extremely unhealthy to say the least — full of corn starch, soy, MSG, GMOs, pesticides and of course artificial chemicals they like to call ‘nutrition’ out there.

Then if you survived childhood without becoming chronically ill already, by the time you are an adult, you had already ate and drank thousands of pounds of some of the most toxic artificial chemicals and artificial sugar ever invented in a lab.

Finally, when you’re chronically ill, in this case, a Diabetic, you are told that you must take your metformin or artificial insulin for the rest of your life, because well, there’s no cure. Well guess what, there’s no cure for anything allopathically and there never will be, because you’re not artificial.

This Is What It Means To Live In The Age Of Artificial Healthcare

Never has the human race ever been so sick, especially with so many preventable illnesses. Just like how the first battery-powered vehicle was invented around 1830, but was quickly oppressed by corruption, which put electric transportation back almost 200 years, the exact same thing happened to holistic medicine or Homeopathy.

But that just means you have to treat yourself, because no one else can or will ever be able to cure you — only you can do that yourself. Of course, you don’t have to go it alone, because I am here to help you stay motivated and encouraged to continue to heal your pancreas and finally become drug-free!

Oh, and also never have to count carbs, fat or even sugar, ever again. Because when you eat healthy enough, the carbs, the fat and the sugar, are all healthy, too! They don’t tell you that out there, either, because they think everything is unhealthy, everything is bad to eat, so they want you to count unhealthy calories, unhealthy fat, unhealthy carbs and unhealthy sugar, which is just ridiculous. If you have to count’m, they’re not healthy to begin with.

Now You Never Have To Worry About What To Eat As A Diabetic

Introducing the only 100% Organic Diabetic Meal Replacement — for all ages!

You just replace 1, preferably 2 meals each day, which means you only have to prepare 1 meal for yourself each day. It’s hard out there for a Diabetic, because you constantly have to find new foods to eat that are also healthy and of course delicious, too, which most are not. Not to mention, it can get expensive buying healthy food every day and all the time it takes to prepare 3 meals each day, then clean them all up.

I look forward to helping you heal your pancreas and end your reliance on Artificial Healthcare.

Your Organic Diabetic Meal Replacement is waiting

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