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Obedience To Authority In Health Care


When you hear about the medical horror stories that happen to people daily, you have to wonder, why would so many people let that happen to them in the first place? And a better question is, why do so many people still see “medical doctors” after hearing about all those medical horror stories? I mean, don’t any of them know how to say NO to poison? How hard is it to tell their doctor NO? It turns out, it’s extremely hard.

For example, toxic cancer treatments are used by oncologists on cancer patients, even though everyone now knows that chemo and radiation actually cause cancer! Have these patients gone insane? What kind of person would ever let someone pump their body full of chemo and radiation? Might as well travel to Chernobyl and just hang out there for a while; at least it would cost less and your hair wouldn’t fall out as much.

So, what makes a seemingly intelligent person, let someone in a white coat fill their body with poison? I cannot help but to quote the now standard reading by every Psychology student — “Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View”. This book was written by Dr. Stanley Milgram and published back in 1974. He performed hundreds of studies on thousands of people from all walks of life.

He concluded that 100% of everyone will submit to authority, even if it contradicts their intelligence, their common sense, their empathy and even their morality. If you ever read Dr. Milgram’s studies, he used electric shock on the ‘students’ when they answered incorrectly. Of course no one was ever actually harmed in his experiments, but the test subject thought the ‘student’ was harmed, especially when the test subject would hear the ‘student’ yelling in pain and suffering.

When the test subject would complain to the ‘doctor’ overseeing the experiment that he or she was not happy with how the ‘student’ was being tortured, all it took for the test subject to continue pressing that fake electric shock button were some reassuring words from the ‘doctor’ in a white coat that the ‘student’ is fine and that there’s nothing to worry about.

Then the test subject would turn back around and continue the experiment, providing ‘electric shock’ to the ‘student’ every time the answer was incorrect. Many of the test subjects even went as far as the very end of the experiment, which meant they had to deliver electric shock over 30 times, each with increased shock! Sure, each test subject left the experiment feeling very guilty, which you should, if you’re a normal human being, yet during the experiment and while they were delivering this ‘electric shock’, they were able to suppress everything that makes them human. Why?

Obedience to Authority

For most people, seeing a white coat triggers feelings of respect and loyalty, even a God-like presence in some cultures. This is certainly enough to abandon your own intelligence, common sense and morality, to allow yourself to be poisoned. Now, the medical community calls its drugs or poison, ‘medicine’, but you and I know that drugs or poison could never be a medicine at all, but only exactly what they are — drugs or poison!

Would you call rat poison ‘medicine’ or a ‘treatment’? Well, chemo and radiation are both poison and are actually a much stronger poison than rat poison, too, yet these are called ‘medicines’ and ‘treatments’. When did poison become ‘medicine’? The moment the masses started obeying authority.

What has been the result of obeying white coats for over a century now? Billions suffering from chronic illness and a billion men, women and children dying every single year from completely preventable diseases.

Drugs are poison, no matter who prescribes them to you or sells them to you. Everything created by man that you decide to swallow or inject, puts your life at risk.

Finally, ask yourself this question. If someone ‘dies from cancer’ for example, are you sure it wasn’t really the chemo and radiation that caused the death or at least quickened the death? I’m sure you won’t ever see the cause of death on a death certificate as “poisoned” like it should show, instead it will show the cause of death as ‘cancer’.

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  1. Rick
    January 22, 2020

    I hope no one attacks you for this, because they hate hearing anything that contradicts the lie they have believed all their lives.

    • Darren & Jannet
      January 22, 2020

      The truth does often hurt, but for only those who do not like change.

  2. Rudy
    February 5, 2020

    This is so true! My doctor would never agree with anything in this article though.

  3. James
    April 5, 2020

    This is some serious truth here.

    • Dr Wayne
      April 5, 2020

      We think so, too James. May the truth set you free.

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