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How To Reverse Diabetes From A Holistic Health Perspective

How To Reverse Diabetes From A Holistic Perspective

In Europe, the discovery of sugar dates back to around 1,000 A.D., when Western Europeans discovered sugar during the Crusades of the 11th century and the first “sugar” was recorded in 1069 A.D in England. Of course sugar was regarded as a luxury back then, used only by royalty or the ultra rich.

By this time, sugar had already been making its way across Asia for 2500 years, starting in India where the first chemical extraction of sugar was used, then China developed their own method of extracting sugar.

A Brief History Of Diabetes

The term diabetes was probably coined by Apollonius of Memphis around 250 BC. Diabetes is first recorded in English, in the form diabete, in a medical text written around 1425. It was in 1675 that Thomas Willis added the word “’mellitus’” to the word diabetes. This was because of the sweet taste of the urine. This sweet taste had been noticed in urine by the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, and Persians as is evident from their literature.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the real cause of Diabetes from a Holistic Health perspective.

I’m sure you already know that an unhealthy lifestyle, especially unhealthy eating and drinking habits, usually from childhood, damage your pancreas over time, causing prediabetes, then Type 2 Diabetes, then Type 1 Diabetes.

But you probably do not know that there has already been thousands of people over the years who have reversed their prediabetes, their Type 2 Diabetes and even their Type 1 Diabetes.

I know I know, you were told this is not possible, because Type 1 especially is incurable. Well, either your Endocrinologist lied to you OR the thousands of people who were once diabetic but are not anymore lied. Which one is it?

I’ll let you decide after you read the brief story below.

It all started back in 1990 when Samantha was just 16 years old. She was the first Diabetic in her family. Her parents felt guilty for not teaching their daughter to eat healthier, but they couldn’t teach their daughter that, because they ate unhealthy every day of her life and avoided raw vegetables especially, so of course so did Samantha.

I mean seriously, how can you raise healthy children who want to eat healthy when you yourself do not want to eat healthy. That’s another topic though.

So after Samantha became a Diabetic, her life changed dramatically. She couldn’t play sports anymore, she had to get a job to help her parents pay for the artificial insulin and of course she had to get used to injecting herself daily. She carried on like this for decades, during which time she tried all sorts of “alternative treatments”, but none could repair the damage to her pancreas, especially not after so many years of injecting her body with artificial insulin.

She also could not start a family of her own, because she kept having miscarriages and then when she delivered a stillborn baby, she decided enough is enough! She vowed to heal her pancreas naturally and finally stop the constant artificial insulin shots that she called “poison”.

The reason why she thought she could reverse her diabetes naturally was because she knew diabetes is a lifestyle disease, so she just had to figure out how exactly she needed to change her lifestyle so her pancreas can finally heal and she can finally wean herself off the artificial insulin shots.

She knew telling anyone about her quest was going to annoy a lot of other Diabetics, most of which refuse to believe there’s a cure for anything anywhere, not to mention her own family, so she kept this to herself.

She would research a little each day, take notes, review them and she continued like this for a few years. Then one day she struck up a conversation with a Food Scientist online who was not your regular Food Scientist.

He told her she had to balance her hormones, because that’s what insulin is – a hormone. She didn’t believe it could be that simple, especially since she already tried to conceive for years and was on HRT, too. But this Food Scientist told her that HRT is just another artificial drug, which could never balance anything.

This was not a perspective she was used to hearing, but she kept listening and she kept asking questions. At this point, everything she ever tried that she thought would help, didn’t, so she might as well try what she didn’t think would help. She’s logical, isn’t she. And it was this logic that changed her world.

90 days later she called that Food Scientist to tell him that her latest blood sugar test came back and it showed “normal”!! She was amazed and then she sobbed for a while, because she was about ready to give up and become like most every other Diabetic out there and believe nothing can reverse Diabetes. From that moment on she started to gradually wean herself off the artificial insulin, which she felt confident to do, since she felt her pancreas consistently strengthening.

Disclaimer: Samantha did not do one thing and poof, she’s cured, ok? She started balancing her hormones daily, eating the only food left that can balance all her hormones holistically and then she started to make other lifestyle changes that kept her sick, which of course sped up her progress. She actually only cut out a few unhealthy things in her life, like often eating out, binging on chips while watching TV and things like this. When she combined these few lifestyle changes while also balancing her hormones daily, it made all the difference in the world.

So who was this Food Scientist? It was me. Just your mild-mannered Food Scientist who happens to know how to balance your hormones, especially your insulin, with only food. That’s why I am also known as the Holistic Health Coach, because I also encourage and motivate.

Every man-made disease can be reversed by nature. This is the foundation Holistic Health is built on. This is the science ‘medical science’ ignores and avoids, because they are not interested in curing anything or even preventing anything – they are only interested in keeping you on drugs for the rest of your life.

If you want to balance your blood sugar and avoid a life of drugs, just like Samantha did, then let’s chat. For a limited time I am offering my personal one-on-one coaching service for free. You can text me a brief introduction to 1 (626) 539-0374 (USA Only) and I will text back a time we can chat on the phone. I look forward to hearing from you.

Let me also send you a free MealBetix (the first organic diabetic meal replacement).

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