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How Do I Become A Holistic Health Coach?

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If you want to become a Holistic Health Coach, you must understand how cells work, how detoxing works and of course how to actually prevent chronic illness by relying on food.

But there’s a big problem – the food out there isn’t healthy enough.

Why is the food out there not healthy enough to prevent chronic illness?

Because over the last 100 years, corporate greed has created a very toxic environment, both in the air and in the soil, all across the country.

Sure, there’s plenty of “certified organic” foods you can buy, which guarantee to be grown without pesticides and GMOs, but here’s a fact about “certified organic” you might not have heard – the USDA only requires a minimum of 95% to be “certified organic”.

This means between the Farmer and the store shelf, up to 5% toxic chemicals can be added to the once “certified organic” food and even if the organic fruits and vegetables are radiated to slow spoiling, that’s ok, too.

In other words, the coveted “organic certification” has been gradually eroding and therefore is not as organic as it used to be. And this has become a real problem, especially for those families who think they are eating 100% healthy organic food.

Of course, “certified organic” is still healthier than all the conventional food raised with toxic fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs, but again, it’s not healthy enough anymore.

That being said, how does one prevent their chronic illness by relying on food if the food isn’t healthy enough? Great question!

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