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Eating Health Food These Days

What Is The Best Hormone Diet

Today I was talking to a couple who had been trying to balance their hormones for 15 years, but still no success.

The husband was taking TRT and the wife was taking HRT, both powerful drugs that replace hormones, not balance them. The husband told me he stopped taking the TRT after he experienced some severe side-effects, including a “slight stroke” as he put it. The wife had been on HRT for many years and is 41 years old and still trying to conceive.

I told them both that the reason why they cannot balance their hormones is because drugs do not balance anything. I asked him if he and his wife eat junk food, eat out often, smoke, drink, take other drugs – he said no. He said they actually eat organic food every day and are always eating fruits and vegetables. 30 years ago that would be enough!

My mind quickly recalled a memory I had about 30 years ago, before I became a Food Scientist. I saw that the food people were eating and that they thought was healthy, was actually not improving their health as much as they thought it would.

Fast forward to today and health food is now the very watered down version of what health food once was. That’s why so many people today complain about eating healthy for years and still not being able to balance their hormones or even improve their health that much.

This unfortunately forces many to assume eating healthy does not work and so they return to drug treatments.

Of course Big Pharma likes that this is happening, because their decades of lobbying to make health food less and less effective is now paying off for them big time! Just look at how many people are popping pills every day now.

That’s why I worked extremely hard to find the last plants on earth healthy enough to balance all your hormones naturally. These plants are so healthy in fact, that everyone who continues to eat them every day, consistently balances their hormones daily and increases every vitamin, mineral, probiotic and protein. There has never been one instance where someone did not balance their hormones naturally and fill in all their nutritional gaps, because the longer you eat these plants, the stronger you become. Even weaknesses you thought were not weak, strengthen.

I mean, after decades of eating, drinking and swallowing toxic chemicals, no one should expect their hormones to balance and all their nutrition gaps to fill in just a few weeks, even if they are eating the healthiest plants on earth. But when you continue, you can expect to balance your hormones and fill in all your nutrition gaps in a relatively short time, usually within just a couple months. Can you wait a couple months to achieve more health than you have ever experienced in your whole life? Well, you’ve waited this long, so what’s another couple months? All you need to do is eat these plants.

And while you are waiting for your hormones to balance and all your nutrition gaps to fill, you are also saving money on your food bill, since both the Hormone Balancer, the Testosterone Booster and now the latest exciting creation, Immunity, all cost less per meal than a fast-food meal, and again already has complete nutrition for you! Imagine a pill-free life..

1 can per week or 4 cans per month is all you need to never look back! Soon your hormonal imbalances will be over and so will all those drug side-effects, all the pain and all the doctor visits.

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  1. Larry
    March 10, 2020

    I really liked this one. You have a lot of experience with this I can tell.

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