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Do I Need To Detox?


Growing up eating and drinking different than what everyone else around me ate and drank every day was a very interesting experience. I saw at a very young age the accumulative affect of what eating and drinking anything unhealthy consistently does to your body.

And so I gradually saw a pattern emerge over time that became as constant as the sun rising.

What Was This Pattern?

You need to detox before you can recover, from anything. But most people would immediately stop what they think was causing the detox, because well, detoxing is uncomfortable and no one wants to be uncomfortable, right? But detoxing is as natural as breathing, yet so many want to stop it – I guess feeling uncomfortable or even a little pain, means your body must be in danger and therefore you must stop that danger, which I definitely understand.

The problem with this assumption about detoxing though is the fact that detoxing must absolutely happen first, before any real recovery can occur. That’s why if you stop your body’s natural detoxing system from doing what it is supposed to be doing, then you disrupt this vital process and therefore you stop any possible chance of achieving more health than you have ever experienced before. In fact, the more you detox, the faster your recovery and the faster you achieve your health goals.

I know you want to skip over the detox and go straight to the benefits, but that is not how your body works and that’s not how anything in the natural world works, either.

So Why Does My Body Detox Anyway?

Because that is the only way your body can expel the years, decades of toxic accumulation throughout your whole body. This doesn’t mean you must lay in bed and suffer through the detox, just waiting around until it’s over, because most of the time when your body is detoxing, you only experience minor symptoms, for example, temporary diarrhea, headaches, difficulty sleeping, clogged sinuses and even achy muscles or joints, but any symptoms you feel are always only temporary; I repeat, only temporary.

So please do not think you must run to the pharmacy to stop your detox, because all that will do is stop your progress and add more to the toxic accumulation you just started to expel from your body – what a waste! I know you probably were raised to quickly suppress anything uncomfortable with drugs and then just wait for the symptoms to go away, but this time, you need to put on your big boy pants or your big girl pants and actually wait for the detox to end, which it will.

Now, if you just cannot wait up to a week for the detox to end, then you can certainly stop, but that will mean your progress stops, too, so what can you do if you know you need to detox but for example you cannot run to the bathroom every 20 minutes to expel toxic waste, because you’re at work every day? Then you can slow your detox down, without completely stopping it. How? Simply mix less. For example, instead of 1 heaping table spoon for 1 meal per day, you can do 1/2 heaping table spoon for 1 meal per day. Also, you should always be sipping on water all day long, because water aids faster detox.

What can you expect after you completed your first detox? An incredible feeling! Some have said that after their first real detox, they feel younger, stronger and more focused than they had in a very long time. Yes, I said “first detox”, because it is possible you will feel a few more, until your body does not need to detox anymore. How long this takes depends on how much toxic waste your body has accumulated, which if you eat the typical American diet, it’s a lot of accumulation, so expect a few months until you are clear of all the detoxing. Nevertheless, the first detox is usually the worst and then any others after that are very minor, until you have none at all.

Will I Always Experience Detox Symptoms?

That’s a great question, because 1 out of 10 do not experience any “noticeable” detox symptoms.

What is your reward for enduring this journey back to real health? Completely balanced hormones and extremely vibrant health! Health very few will ever achieve in their lifespan. Is living longer and living stronger worth being temporarily uncomfortable? I’ve seen 80 year olds with several chronic illnesses, recover enough after several months to then go on to run marathons! I’ve seen babies born very sick and they recovered within a couple weeks, sometimes a few days, because they nursed while their moms mixed the Fertility Booster every day! And yes, they all detoxed once or twice. So if they can do it, you can, too.

The fact is, the healthier the food you eat, the stronger your body becomes and the faster your body starts to detox the lifetime of toxic accumulation. I would worry if you do not detox at all, because that means the food you’re eating isn’t healthy enough to trigger a detox and therefore isn’t worth your time eating in the first place. Or in the case of your Fertility Booster or Testosterone Booster, if you do not experience your first detox within a couple weeks from starting, then you’re not eating enough or you just need to continue a little longer until you do. You can never eat too much of what is good for you, never.

The longer you continue, the longer you live and the stronger you become. This is the ultimate goal.

So, bring on the detox!

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