Casual Exercise Is Healthier Than Hard Exercise

casual exercise

I know this goes against our exercise-whatever-it-is-away society, but exercise was never meant to put so much strain on you heart and lungs, which is what happens when you exercise hard for a long time..

Our bodies need to move every day, not exercise hard every day.

You know how you were told and probably believe now, that all things should be in moderation? Too bad most people do not apply this sound wisdom to exercise, because for some reason when it comes to exercise, more is better it seems.

But this has proven to create lots of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, joint pain, migraines and so many more symptoms. Yet you never hear anyone talking about this, instead, you hear so many people comment how they should have exercised more.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercise..

I’m saying you shouldn’t over exercise. Yes, “over exercise” is a very real issue. So many people after they are done with their workout at the gym, on their way home grab a cheeseburger and drink it down with soda, but then reason with themselves that they will exercise it off later. This reasoning has got to stop! Because it is dangerous and just not true. Much like saying I’ll do sit ups until I have washboard abs…that’s not how you get washboard abs, either.

Exercising while there’s junk food in your gut is like revving a car engine after you poured chocolate syrup down into it. What will happen when you rev the engine do you think? Take a guess. Right, nothing good. Well, the same thing happens when you exercise, too. You are forcing all that processed junk food through your heart, kidneys, arteries, without thinking twice about it.

“Exercise is only as healthy as you eat and drink.”

Heard this quote before? Probably not, because I made it up a few years back. Like it? I hope so, because it’s absolutely true and could add years to your heart and your life. In other words, if you eat and drink unhealthy, then hard exercise becomes unhealthy, but if you eat and drink healthy every day, hopefully every meal and snack, then if you must do hard exercise, it won’t damage your heart, lungs and kidneys.

I mean seriously, what’s the point spending your life in the gym, creating the body of your dreams, just to get a heart attack or a stroke 40?


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