Are You TOFI?

TOFI or “Thin On The Outside, Fat On The Inside” is something not talked about much these days, because well, it’s scary for all the thin people out there who eat the same junk food that all the obese people eat, but are still thin.

Our society looks at a fat person and immediately assumes that person is unhealthy and doesn’t exercise enough. And the same society also looks at thin people and assumes that person is healthy and does plenty of exercise.

But research and statistics prove there are more thin people suffering from chronic illness than fat people. What this also proves is that you should never judge a book by its cover.

You could look great on the outside, but you could already have organ damage from years of eating junk food, drinking soda and energy drinks, smoking, drinking too much alcohol and taking drugs for years.

I see this myself every day, people who eat terrible, but of course think they eat ‘healthy’ and therefore think they don’t need any help. Then when they develop high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes, all the same symptoms obese people develop, then they finally admit they need help, but usually that help means more drugs, which ruins their health further.

This is what I like to call, “the death spiral”. First, you live your life according to what you think is healthy, instead of learning what actually is healthy and only eat that, then when you get sick, run to the doctor to receive drugs and maybe some surgery, then when that doesn’t work anymore, you become desperate and take anything anyone in a white coat throws at you. Then you die.

It truly is a miserable life, full of pain and injustice at every turn, because there’s no real help for preventing any disease, just more drugs and surgery.

This happens to millions of people each and every year. It doesn’t change, because this is exactly how they make money off you. There’s no money in curing you and there’s no money is even curing a single symptom. They need you to enter “the death spiral”, because they make no money off you before you start “the death spiral” and of course not after “the death spiral”, either, because that means you are dead.

The sooner you enter “the death spiral”, the sooner they start making money.

They love it when children are sick, because that means that child will also grow up sick and remain sick well into adulthood – these are their favorite customers, because they are literally life-long customers.

If you do not want to become the next statistic, it’s important right now, that you start eating the last food on earth that is actually healthy enough to balance all your hormones, help you lose only unhealthy fat easily, help balance your blood pressure, your blood sugar, your cholesterol and add years to your life.

The food that can do all this is not sold anywhere and not grown anywhere that anyone can find. In fact, I barely found soil healthy enough to grow this food, because the soil everywhere has been beyond contaminated for decades now.

Start Changing Your Health Today

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