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Our History

We struggled for many years trying to balance our hormones holistically and also find a way to double our immunity to life’s most inconvenient diseases and viruses, but never found it, no matter how many products we tried and no matter how many prescriptions. At best, we felt some short-term ‘improvement’, but could never consistently improve and was back to trying everything everyone recommended.

It was a few years into our marriage that we tried to start a family, but with our hormones still imbalanced and our immune systems still weakened after years of invasive treatments and countless pills and drugs, it proved to be impossible to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. In fact, after 3 miscarriages and a failed IVF, we gave up!

The Turning Point (told by Jannet)

Finally we had enough! Enough of the sad disappointments, emotional roller coasters and all the co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses that came along with it all. So, Darren, aka Dr Wayne, my husband of now 11 years, at that time almost 8 years ago was going to do something that changed our health forever! Because he did not want to disappoint me again, he secretly researched, experimented and then created the first and only Organic Hormone Balancer for me and the first and only Organic Testosterone Booster for him. Within 12 months of starting we delivered our baby boy! And he was extremely healthy!


After spending years constantly perfecting the plant formula that would go on to help thousands of families all over the world, we are now also happy to introduce the latest creation – IMMUNITY.

Meet Our Team

We eat your Hormone Balancer, Testosterone Booster and now IMMUNITY, every day!