80 Health Myths Busted


When it comes to your health, everyone and their grandma has an opinion, but did you know there is an absolute scientific way to heal any symptom or ailment naturally, yourself? If you don’t want to worry about getting sick, do not want to be sick anymore, and in this very special edition, want to deliver a healthy baby every time, then this book could change your life!

80 Health Myths Busted was updated this year with more health myths busted, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy and more. Now I know what you’re thinking, another snake oil cure, but 80 Health Myths Busted has nothing to do with snake oil or cures, rather a scientific approach to healing any symptom, any ailment and even how to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

Why a scientific approach to healing yourself? Because science cuts through opinions and cuts through propaganda, which we both know are everywhere, constantly influencing everything we feel, say and believe.

Imagine if you learned this scientific approach to healing any symptom and any ailment, yourself, when you were still a child. This would of course mean as an adult, you wouldn’t become sick in the first place and of course you would never remain sick, either. 

Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking again right now..”more snake oil cures”. But again, true science is neither a snake oil, nor a cure, but rather a guide to achieving what ‘medical science’ cannot and will not achieve.

There are two types of science, real and imagined..

Obviously the science that has been imagined is not real science at all, but a group of opinions jumbled together to form a mass belief in something that actually is not real at all. This type of ‘science’ is almost always believed by the masses, which is why the masses will always remain sick.

So what’s real science? To know the answer to this simple question, all you have to do is read the scientific definition of the word “science”. Here it is. “

Science is the study of the nature and behavior of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them.

That’s why it is vitally important that you can separate science that is real and science that is imagined. And this is what 80 Health Myths Busted will do for you, if you let it.

When you are finished reading 80 Health Myths Busted, you will at the very least know exactly what to do to start tapping into real natural science that will extend your life and create the healthy family you have always wanted. 80 Health Myths Busted should be sold for $1,000s, but is worth literally trillions of dollars, why? Because that is how much the entire medical industry is worth today.

If the masses knew how to reverse just 1 disease, that’s almost a trillion dollars of revenue gone and the slew of medical jobs a long with it, so it is in the best interest of medical science to keep natural science as far away as possible.

At the very least, you will see real science, the natural science that has been hidden from you and your parents, too, but it will no longer be hidden from you.

I hope you let 80 Health Myths Busted free your mind, so you can achieve the health you have always wanted. And in this special pregnancy edition, you will also know how to have a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby every time, if this is something you want to know of course.

(only 89 pages)

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