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5 Health Lies That Keep Us Sick


I have a unique perspective on health, because I’ve been a Food Scientist for decades now and have researched thousands of health topics and have helped thousands of people regain their health, holistically. During that time I have seen patterns of disturbing health beliefs. Some of those beliefs are there to keep us sick, others are there to keep you running back for more drugs. But they all lead to one seriously disturbing conclusion – none of those beliefs could ever regain your health, not even temporarily. I realize what I am about to share with you today is not popular belief at all and will surely be dismissed as more mumbo jumbo.

Here Are The 5 Health Lies That Keep Us Sick

  • Go see your Doctor. I know, MDs are there to help you stay healthy and make sure you are eating right and exercising enough every day. But did you know that MDs receive little to absolutely no formal training or formal education on health and fitness? You can review any medical school syllabus and not find a single subject on anything relating to natural or alternative health, anywhere. So, when a MD tells you to eat right and exercise, they are not telling you that because they learned it and knows it works, but because that it their standard response for how to prevent disease. How ridiculous would it sound to tell you to take more drugs to prevent illness, since that is all they are trained to prescribe you. That means when you ask any MD a health question, you’re actually asking someone unqualified to answer. If you want to know how many drugs to take without dying, then ask an MD.
if you want these then you know where to go
  • Eat right and exercise. Telling someone to eat right and exercise is as obvious as telling someone to breathe – of course we know that, but what we need to know is what exactly should we eat and what kind of exercise is healthy and what kind of exercise is unhealthy – these details make all the difference. These days we do not need vague or general answers, we need specific answers to specific health problems.
  • To lose weight, count calories and check your portions. The majority of the population here is either overweight or obese. The reason is because counting calories and checking your portions have actually contributed to the obesity epidemic here. Even mainstream media has started reporting on the failure of this campaign that was started decades ago. First, “counting calories” in food products that have no healthy calories left in it to actually count, seems really futile to me. I think you’d be a lot safer counting how many preservatives and how many chemical ingredients there are instead, because counting unhealthy calories, which are the only type of calories left in any processed food product, is truly a waste of your time and accomplishes absolutely nothing. Don’t forget, there are healthy calories and unhealthy calories. Knowing the difference between the two could extend your life or shorten your life. Second, portion control. When I think of portion control, I think of how much to feed a gold fish or any pet for that matter and not a person. Imagine telling someone how much they can eat? Feels like slavery to me or some sort of sadistic game to control you. The truth is, you cannot eat too much of what is truly healthy. Have you ever seen someone too healthy or ever seen someone who ate ‘too much’ truly healthy food every day? I haven’t. If eating too much unhealthy food makes you unhealthy and obese, wouldn’t eating ‘too much’ healthy food make you healthy and lean?
  • You can wash off pesticides. This one definitely has a special place in my heart, because there was a time when I almost believed this, too! Then once I started doing real research on this belief, I found that this is not only false, but a very dangerous lie to believe. The truth is, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, all penetrate the outer skins of everything it touches, because skin on everything alive, is very porous. Ask yourself, if I sprayed your skin with pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, and then you left it on your skin for days, maybe weeks, until you were delivered to the store, how would you feel if I told you that all you had to do was wash it off and then you’re fine?
can you really just wash this off?
  • Eat more whole grains. There was a time when I loved eating breads, tortillas, pasta, pizza, donuts, cakes, pies and anything else made from whole wheat, but that was before I started to feel really tired easily. Flour, I realized later, actually becomes a glue-like substance, resembling concrete in some ways, because once it enters your system, it immediately begins to solidify. And it’s this solidification inside your body that causes clogged sinuses, constipation, headaches, joint pain, insomnia, heart disease, disrupting hormonal balances, fertility issues and so many more symptoms. There was probably a time when eating flour was not a serious contributor to ill health, but nowadays, whole wheat flour and grains for that matter, are all saturated with toxic chemicals that can cause more illness than mankind has ever seen before. Avoid all flour and grain products and that alone will start to change your health, especially if you start eating the Hormone Balancer or the Testosterone Booster each day. We have become really good at making our own flour from organic cashews or hemp seeds.
flour is bleached, ‘fortified’ with artificial chemicals they call ‘nutrition’
and then is refined until it is a completely dead food that clogs your colon.

This list only shows 5 health lies that keep us sick, but there are many more of course. It is more important now than ever before to reject the health lies that keep you sick and dependent.

Remember, there is Medical Science and Natural Science. One was created by man and the other was created by nature – which science do you think knows how to heal the damage done to you by man?

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