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To: ask @TrulyHealthyMe .com

Jannet guess what, I'm PREGNANT! My pregnancy journey has been a long and expensive one with having two failed IVF attempts and my doctor telling me its time to look into adoption.

Funny enough, before I had even left my doctor's office I was searching on my phone, found your link on Facebook and started to chat with you for a few days, then I did the 4 cans per month of your Fertility Booster for myself and even did 4 cans per month of the Testosterone Booster for my husband, just for extra assurance. Little did I know how wonderful that decision would be :D

I was a little skeptical at first, because as you know I thought if IVF failed twice, what are the odds a natural method would do the trick. Because of your “get real natural results within 90 days or don't pay" guarantee, there wasn't really any risk in trying!

We both mixed 1 heaping table spoon in water for our breakfast, which was a fun thing to do together by the way, and then started crossing off the days on the calendar until I was pregnant. On day 65 exactly, I cracked open the Clearblue pregnancy test that had been staring me down in the bathroom for 3 weeks now. It took three minutes to give us the results and my husband told me I was holding my breath the entire time staring at it, which I did not realize I was doing. lol

Sure enough I slowly started to see a "+" sign appear and was so excited I dropped the test stick and fell to the ground in a puddle of tears. Your Boosters worked when everything else I wasted years and money on failed me.

Is it alright if I keep you updated and send you photos of my pregnancy journey along the way? I really feel that this baby is because of those two wonderful Boosters you and Darren made!

With much love,


To: ask @TrulyHealthyMe .com

Hey there Darren & Jannet, what a roller coaster the past two years have been. I was told by my fertility doctor that at 38 and with my tubes being blocked, it was his “professional” opinion I should start looking into adoption.

I’m a fighter and wasn't ready to just give up on my dream that easily. That's when I started searching online and luckily talked to you. I was sold the second you mentioned this would work with tubal obstruction right at the beginning haha.

Everything you said made sense to me and I could honest to God feel the change in my body the first time I mixed your Fertility Booster for my breakfast. Not even four weeks after starting, I was on my way to the doctors to confirm the pregnancy test I had taken the day before wasn't a fluke… and it wasn't a fluke! I got pregnant naturally and one week after my 40th birthday thanks to your Fertility Booster!

Thank you and God bless,


To: ask @TrulyHealthyMe .com

Dear Jannet and Darren, I know you guys are busy helping create families, but I hope this message finds you both well. What you said about letting your Fertility Booster heal my ovaries really made be think how little I really know about nature's power to heal anything in my body, yet most all of us still swallow dangerous pills and tablets without ever checking exactly what's in them.

I was prescribed drugs and prenatal vitamins for years as I tried to conceive, and after all that, I was labeled “infertile” by doctors nearly 8 years ago and all I had wanted my entire life was to be a mother. It was in fact my husband who found out about from you and so we decided to try it out for ourselves.

I really did feel changes starting after just a day, so I ordered the Testosterone Booster's monthly auto-ship for my husband, too, since he had been trying to increase his testosterone levels naturally for years. The results? I'm pregnant! And my husband is going to the gym again and we can walk together every evening without feeling exhausted.

I am glowing and the excitement of now telling my parents they're going to be a grandma and grandpa is just the best thing ever.

UPDATE: What you both have done for us is truly beyond words. I sent you a picture after I delivered little Jack and a cute picture of his feet, too. Thank you!


To: ask @TrulyHealthyMe .com

This is so awesome Darren! This is my before and after picture for you. I wanted to wait a few more weeks before I sent you my after picture, but my fiancée urged me to send you my before and my after picture, exactly 63 days after I started. To think I spent $100s every month on protein powders, diets and crazy exercise machines, when all I needed was your Testosterone Booster! My whole family is just shocked at my results, especially since I stopped counting calories and even go to the gym much less than before.

My fiancée also loves that I have a much healthier libido, have much more energy and so far the best result is that I feel anxious a lot less these days and my low-T days are finally over ;) This is really amazing!



My name is Jannet and this is my family. We were all at the poppy fields this year. It was a really long and difficult road to get there together, in fact "we" almost never happened. During my first pregnancy I was completely miserable, because I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't sit too long, couldn't lay down too long and couldn't concentrate too long, either, because the pain and the nausea was so debilitating, then after 4 months I suddenly fell into a coma and almost died, but even worse, our baby boy did not survive.

We were devastated for such a long time after that, so we didn't try again until years later. When I got pregnant again, we were so grateful for a second chance, but soon after I started to feel miserable again and was so afraid of another miscarriage, so I went to the Pediatrician for weekly checkups. After doing everything I could think of to prevent another miscarriage, it happened again.
  healthy pregnancy Fertility Booster Testosterone Booster

That's when we decided to try IVF, which was very expensive and seemed a risky way to conceive..but we thought we had no choice. We felt so fortunate that I got pregnant again! But our joy did not last long, because in the middle of the night, just 2 months into my third pregnancy, I saw blood all over the bed and then looked down in horror. Unfortunately, we lost our third child and so I vowed that night to never try again! A couple years passed and my husband told me he had been secretly working on a very special fertility formula that will change everything. He did not want to tell me to get my hopes up, even a little, until he was sure it would work. And let me tell you - IT DID!! We weren't even trying, yet I found myself pregnant just 8 weeks later after starting and throughout my pregnancy I had almost no pain and very little nausea, in fact I slept better while pregnant than before.

My husband's name is Dr Darren Wayne and he is a Food Scientist. He had formulated many supplements during his career, but this time he was not creating another supplement at all, he was creating a formula only from the purest and the most concentrated fertility superfoods no one had ever seen before, and all you have to do is mix 1 heaping table spoon in water for 1 meal per day and that's it.

You see, it took Darren years to locate enough soil that is clean enough to grow what he said was the "purest, 100% contaminant-free fertility superfoods, grown in very rare soil.

So after a couple years of very exhausting research and development, plus a large chunk of our savings gone, Darren had completed 2 extremely exciting formulas for 2 extremely exciting products. Of course I mixed the Fertility Booster every day for myself and Darren mixed the Testosterone Booster every day for himself, too. Together, we became a fertility powerhouse!

Now, 7 years later, let us introduce to you the first Fertility Booster and Testosterone Booster made from 100% pure fertility superfoods!

If you're wondering why it took us so long to bring these exciting Boosters to you, it's because Darren and I wanted to make sure this wasn't just a coincidence, so we sent samples to some friends and picked out several 'infertile couples' to send some Boosters to and many more over the last few years, all in the name of Scientific Research, then we waited for any testimonials to come in and every couple had results - every single couple! Even the couple that was told could never have children, because Mom had Fibromyalgia and tube blockages and then Dad's testosterone levels were way too low. So, after waiting for all the babies to be born, making sure not only did they all have healthy pregnancies, but also delivered very healthy babies, which took a few years, we then had to make sure there is enough of these fertility superfoods to sustain hundreds and even thousands of couples, so we are happy to say we now have enough for you and anyone else you know!


Unlike any other fertility method out there, your Boosters come with my personal, 100% no-nonsense Get Real Results Within 90 Days Or It’s FREE guarantee.

And yes, I am so confident that your Boosters will produce amazing life changing results for you, that I'm willing to take 100% of the risk just for you to try it for yourself today.

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