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It all started about 12 years ago when we first tried to conceive. We tried everything our fertility doctor told us to try and then we tried everything everyone and their grandma told us to try and then we tried everything else, even IVF, but that failed, too! We endured 3 devastating miscarriages, almost dying, not to mention losing most our nest egg - all for the joy of creating a beautiful life and family. I mean, it's worth it, right?

But after all of that we finally realized there's no way any drug or any surgery could ever heal any damage in the reproductive system and drugs definitely cannot heal anything, either. That's why we had to do it ourselves!

So after we started mixing the Fertility Booster and the Testosterone Booster, within a year we finally delivered a very healthy baby boy!! Then some years later we gave birth to TrulyHealthyMe, because we now want to start helping you completely balance all your hormones naturally and finally create the health you need to create life!


Fertility Booster

14 powerfully healthy fertility super foods! Instructions: Replace 1 meal per day with 1 heaping table spoon mixed with water in a 12 oz copy or thermos. Includes complete nutrition, protein and even plant probiotics, which means you need nothing else!



Let me take you on a journey through the day-to-day of your typical organic farmer. He and she wakes up at 4am to feed the animals and prepare for the day of harvesting what organic crops have not been completely destroyed by the next farm over that is sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and toxic fertilizers constantly. You see, the organic farmer must throw away at least 25% of everything harvested, because it cannot touch any of the food that has not been completely contaminated or the farmer will lose the very expensive organic certification.

Fortunately for the organic farmer, to maintain the organic certification, only 95% of any plant must be contaminant-free, but still another 5% can be contaminated, which still means the whole plant is contaminated! It's no wonder most everyone who eats 'organic food' still has illness and serious hormonal imbalances.

I don't believe supermarkets and health food stores know or care to research the healthiest products to sell on their store shelves, because they are all too busy only buying the same redundant products with the flashiest labels and the most hype, so they profit as much and as fast as they can.

Testosterone Booster

Testosterone Booster

6 powerfully healthy testosterone super foods! Instructions: Replace 1 meal per day with 1 heaping table spoon mixed with water in a 12 oz cup or thermos. Includes complete nutrition, protein and even plant probiotics, which means you need nothing else!



Every store shelf across the country is jam packed full of the worst, most unhealthy products man has ever created for the most profit.

That's why every single ingredient in both your Fertility Booster and your Testosterone Booster only have the highest quality hormone balancing super foods grown in the last little bit of soil left that can still boast 100% pure and contaminant-free.

This soil is all that's left, so please start while you still can!

And can you imagine how difficult it is to find soil that is actually still healthy enough to grow absolutely 100% contaminant-free hormonal balancing super foods? Here's a comparison - finding soil this healthy is exactly like finding a needle in a haystack! And this is not just an expression, but actual reality.

Your DNA requires nothing less than pure, 100% contaminant-free soil to grow these very rare super foods. This is the reason why you have been struggling for so long, because there isn't anything you can buy from any store or have prescribed to you out there that can provide every cell in your body the powerfully healing properties of these super foods in both your Fertility Booster and your Testosterone Booster.


80 Health Myths Busted

After 30 years helping the chronically ill finally achieve real relief, holistically, I gathered 80 of the most ridiculous health lies believed by every chronically ill person on earth. This book is not for anyone who seeks to have their ears tickled with more health propaganda, but for those who want to hear the truth that will finally set you free from a life of chronic illness and prescription drugs.
*Pregnancy Edition*


Let Me Introduce My Husband
Dr Darren Wayne

He was the one that told me not to give up, because he will find a way, and he did! He formulated the healthiest Fertility Booster and Testosterone Booster on earth, using only super foods! He is a very accomplished Food Scientist, Formulator and the Best-Selling Author of 80 Health Myths Busted.

As you can see, he’s always pondering about something.

And this is me Jannet

It was an amazing feeling finally seeing this little life growing inside me, even though I was anxious for obvious reasons. Around the 7th month I let myself believe that this time it was going to finally happen. And it did! Delivery was very smooth and our boy was very healthy and very alert. I’ll never forget what he looked like when I first saw him – he was just staring at me and then he started looking around the room! Then a minute later he latched on and didn’t let go for hours. It was truly amazing, especially after all we went through. And this all finally happened, because I started balancing all my hormones holistically.
postpartum depression

infertility increasing

According to the CDC, last year was the first year in recorded history that births did not replace deaths. That means, if infertility continues to increase, senior citizens will rule the world!


We are now 6 months in!! We are so grateful to have found you, because we were lost out there. I had low progesterone and other hormonal imbalances that this Fertility Booster seemed to have fixed! And I had some fibroids, which prevented pregnancy, but this time nothing could stop me! This has been a great experience for the whole family.
Rebecca Larson
Would you believe I went to the gym every other day and I still looked that before? Yikes! Ever since I started mixing the Testosterone Booster for 1 meal per day I now look like that and I now go to the gym only twice a week! And let's not forget my libido has returned, too! Thank you Dr Wayne.
Johnny Perez
We had our first miscarriage last year and then our second this year, so we were thinking about giving up, but you convinced me to try one last time and now I know meeting you was a miracle. From the bottom of my heart thank you for creating this awesome Fertility Booster! We will conceive our second child soon, too.
Diana Burnwood

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